Getting help

When using, if you run into issues or have questions, several support channels are available to assist you. Each channel is designed to cater to different types of inquiries, ensuring you receive the guidance needed to continue your development smoothly.

Support channels

Submit an issue

For bug reports or specific problems with the codebase, please open an issue on our GitHub repository. This is the best place to get help for technical issues that might require bug fixes or enhancements.

Join discussions

If you have general inquiries, suggestions for improvements, or wish to engage in discussions about best practices, the GitHub Discussions page is your go-to resource. This forum is ideal for exchanging ideas and gaining insights that could help in navigating various development challenges.

Discord community

When purchasing a license for, you gain access to our exclusive Discord community. This platform is perfect for networking with other developers, sharing experiences, and seeking advice on how to make the most of Join the community today to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your knowledge base.

Private Discord support

If you purchased a dedicated support package, you can reach out in a private Discord channel that you and your team will have access to. This channel is ideal for discussing sensitive issues or receiving personalized guidance.