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Testing with Cypress

Cypress is a powerful end-to-end testing framework that allows you to write tests for your web app with ease. In staarter.dev, we use Cypress to test the functionality of our web app and ensure that everything works as expected.

Starting the Cypress Test Runner

To start the Cypress test runner, run the following command in your terminal within the apps/web directory:

yarn test:e2e-open

This command will open the Cypress test runner, where you can see a list of test files and run them individually.

Running Tests in Headless Mode

If you prefer to run tests in headless mode (without the graphical interface), you can use the following command:

yarn test:e2e

This command will run all tests in headless mode and output the results in the terminal.

Writing Cypress Tests

Cypress tests are written using TypeScript and follow a simple syntax. Here's an example of a basic test file:

describe('Example Test', () => {
  it('Visits the homepage', () => {
    cy.contains('Welcome to staarter.dev')

In this test, we're visiting the homepage of our web app and checking if the text "Welcome to staarter.dev" is present on the page.

You can write more complex tests by using Cypress commands to interact with elements on the page, simulate user actions, and make assertions about the state of your application. See some of the existing test files in the cypress/e2e directory for examples of how to write Cypress tests.

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